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Two words about our breeding

The breed we have decided to breed is certainly the most delicate from the reproductive point of view but I think it is also the most particular both on a physical level and on a character leve

Our kennel was born at the beginning of the joy of living in the countryside and became the love for our little friends receiving in return a love the unconditioned that only they

can give you.

So that you can be satisfied with the choice and live unforgettable moments with the new addition to  your family, we select them, as well as for the beauty, ever for the character.

We make the puppies grow and grow in the best possible way, constantly giving them the affection they need. All of this for us is essential for the formation of a balanced character that will then maintain over time even as an adult.
We try in the best possible way to select the new owners of puppies that we decide to yield following them in their growth being always available in the future.

Maria Elena Accarino

Martina Forino

Scandriglia, Ri, Italy




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